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Five Good Things:

(that happened this week)

1. Went to the pumpkin patch.

2. Finally had a rainy day!

3. Mom made baked mostaccioli for Dad’s birthday dinner. Yum!

4. Spending the weekend in Chicago with all my college friends (more on this later).

5. Moved to a new office at work and am loving the sunlight, open space and new people.

Let’s hear it – what are your five?



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Five Good Things:

To go along with my recent post about gratitude, I would like to start occasionally posting about five good things that happen throughout my day that I am thankful for. Here goes my first attempt:

1. It’s not Monday.

2. Was able to grab dinner with the boyfriend.

3. The September issue of all the fashion magazines is out and I was able to stop at the store and stock up on my reading material.

4. The Commissary at work was closed down for getting a “C” rating, which is pretty gross, but the good news is we now have amazing food trucks coming each day until it reopens. I’m such a fat kid.

5. I get to sleep on freshly washed sheets tonight.

Your turn. What were five good things about your day??


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