I’ve given a lot of thought to the post I am about to write and though it makes me sad, I think I need to do it (common theme in my life right now).

I am going on an indefinite hiatus from Va Bene. This doesn’t mean I’ll never come back to it, it just means I’m taking a break for awhile.

Unfortunately, writing has been something I’ve had less and less time for. That’s a bit of a cop out though. This is not all about my schedule. I just haven’t had the desire to write lately. That’s always been common for me- I go through spurts when it comes to writing and right now I’m just not feeling compelled to sit down and express myself through my blog posts.

More and more I’ve felt that posting has become a chore, another thing on my to-do list. That’s never what this was supposed to be about. I never wanted to become repetitive and I wanted my ideas to stay thoughtful and authentic. It was never supposed to be about the quantity. As of late, I just haven’t found myself staying true to this.

I started Va Bene at a very unique time in my life when I truly felt that I needed it. Unemployment/my quarter-life crisis was one of the scariest and most anxiety evoking experiences I’ve ever had to go through, and I can honestly say this blog helped me get through it. It gave me something to look forward to and something to be proud of when I felt my most inadequate. It allowed me to express my creativity, to vent, to share and to hopefully connect with others out there going through some of the same things. It has been, above all, so much fun and such a great thing to have tried.

My life has changed so much since last February, in the best ways possible. In the past year, not only have a found a job, but I’ve started a career at a company that one could only hope to work for. Is it hard and crazy and stressful at times? Yes. Most of the time? Yes. But sometimes I stop for a minute and I realize how insanely lucky I am to be doing what I am doing. I was waiting tables at this time last year…

Huh…life is funny. And good.

I know I’ll come back to Va Bene someday. I’m still trying to figure out the juggling act of life and I know I still have SO much to learn and experience. There will be another time when I strongly feel the inspiration and need to write. I hope you’ll all be here again to follow and read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, comments and encouragement. This year has been an exciting one and I am so glad I got to share my thoughts with you.

I’m not going to say “good bye” because this isn’t permanent. Instead I’ll say “arrivederci,” which means “until we meet again” in Italian, because I can promise you this girl will have much more to say.

All my best,




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12 responses to “Arrivederci!

  1. Arrivederci la mia amore! Ti voglio bene molto!! xoxo

  2. Karen Giacopuzzi

    Ciao for now Christina. I hope you’ll come back to writing when the time is right. In the meantime, enjoy your job, friends, family and life.
    Karen G

  3. Kari

    Christina–I’m going to miss your insightful words on your blog–you have such wisdom (beyond your years!) with a unique talent of creative expression!! We’ll continue talking and texting, but I will look forward to the return of Va Bene–
    xoxo, Kari

  4. MacKenzie

    You are my ultimate role model and so inspirational. I will miss reading your blog, but know that we can still connect on the phone and skype. You always have the best things to say and give me the best of advice. Love you so much and think you are an amazing person.

    love always,
    ❤ MacKenzie xoxo

  5. You’re going to make me cry, missy! Thank you for being so sweet. Don’t forget that you’re pretty awesome and wise yourself. Let’s chat soon. A little bird told me you have much to tell. 😉 Miss you much. xo

  6. Samantha

    You know how I have always envied your creativity, and I hope you know even though I envy it, I am so proud to have a sister like you and admire this talent you have.Your writing is beautiful and I still find myself going back to old blogs of yours to read over and over again to build confidence and see all life’s craziness in a new light. You are so incredibly talented and I can’t wait for the day you start writing again. Keep being inspired and enjoy each day! You never know each one can bring something new to write about when the times comes 🙂 Love you so much.

  7. Your biggest fan

    You are really an amazing person. I have not caught up in a while but for one so young you have a lot of wisdom. When the time is right I know your writing juices will flow again. You will have many new adventures to share.

    Good Luck

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