80 Years Young

This past weekend the entire family (all 19 of us) went up to Pismo Beach to celebrate my poppa’s 80th birthday. Pismo is such a quaint, relaxing little place. It was the perfect weekend getaway.

All Poppa wanted for his birthday was time away with all of us. Over the weekend I couldn’t help but think how proud he must be. He started all of this–three great kids and their spouses, and eleven beautiful grandchildren ranging in age from twenty-four to ten months. I’m not going to say we don’t fight. I’m not going to say there aren’t times when we annoy the hell out of each other.  But I will say that at the end of the day we enjoy one another. We don’t take for granted that what we have is special.

I don’t love anyone like I love these 18 people. I can’t imagine how Poppa must feel about us. What a good life he’s made…what a good life.


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