Happy New Year!

Hello there!

Finally back and ready for all that 2012 has to bring! The holidays were wonderful, but I’m so excited for the fresh start that comes with the new year.

For my first post since my little break, I thought what better way to get started than with my new year’s resolutions?

To begin, I’ll start with the word that I’ve chosen for this year: BALANCE

2011 brought so many fantastic changes to my life, but I felt very out of balance for a good portion of the year. For Christmas, one of my best friends sent me a little shell inscribed with the word “balance” that you’ll see in the picture below. Immediately it inspired me!

This year I will find a better balance between life, work, family, friends and time for myself. Isn’t this what we all want? 🙂 Although it may sound a little vague, I’ll leave you with my 10 new year’s resolutions to give you the details.


1.       Make my health a priority.

  •  Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy
  • Start doing yoga again

2.       Be more adventurous.

  • Travel to three new places I’ve never been before

3.       Blog consistently.

4.       Put money into savings.

  • Buy a new car by the end of this year

5.       Read a book once a month.

6.       Stay positive and optimistic. Get rid of the negativity.

7.       Spend more quality time with the people in my life.

8.       RELAX. Everything and everyone doesn’t always need to be perfect.

9.       Start reading the newspaper.

10.     Stay inspired by all the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t get stagnant or complacent.

Would love to hear your resolutions! Happy New Year to you all! Stay hopeful.




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4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Samantha

    be positive, weed out the negative things in my life, take an acting class, donate to a charity, be more open to change, be more conscious of my health, make an effort with he people that i need to make an effort with instead of the ones i base all my time around and shouldn’t, OH give my sister a hg everyday and tell her how much i love her 😉 thats good for now 🙂

  2. Nice to hear from you again Christina. Happy New Year!
    Karen G

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