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Dear 16-Year-Old Me

I was once an avid tanner and I still struggle to fight temptation, but I will never again step foot in a tanning bed. Never. It’s just not worth it. Wear your sunscreen and get your yearly skin check. Please.

Watch the video and help spread the message:



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Ohhhh Canada

What do you do after your first three days of work at a new job? Why, take a vacation of course! I’m heading off to Thunder Bay in Ontario this morning with my sister and cousin to visit my brother who is playing in a summer baseball league there. (In my defense, I had this trip planned way before I got the job offer). I’m pretty stoked because I’ve never been to Canada before and I haven’t seen Michael in awhile. I’ll be back to post on Monday. See you then!


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Dress For Success

First day of school work.

Thank God my shoes have gotten better.

Orientation was a success today. Now I can start panicking for tomorrow.


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My Current Life To-Do List

I think that it’s essential to always have a list of goals. I’m not talking about a plan you can never stray from, but instead, aspirations, both big and small, that you can aim for. You don’t have to fulfill all of them, but I think it’s good to have a list of things you can strive for. I know it’s very popular, especially among the blogosphere, to create a bucket list (which I will get to and post one of these days), but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. What I mean, and what I tend to create is what I can best describe as a Current Life To-Do List.

I feel like I always construct these lists when I’m going through a change or starting a new chapter in my life. Usually it’s when I’m a bit tense and anxious about the adjustments that are going to take place. I feel like making a list calms my Type-A-self down, gives me positive things to look forward to and motivates me during my fresh start.

An example of one of my to-do lists would be this year’s New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Be content with where I’m at in the moment, but never stop being inspired by the possibilities ahead.
  2. Make more thoughtful choices.
  3. Don’t settle for anything less than what I know I want in a person I choose to date. Don’t waste my time or theirs.
  4. Be gentler with other people’s feelings; be kind.
  5. Limit myself to one celebrity blog per day. Start reading the newspaper daily instead.
  6. Be healthier in body and mind. Eat for energy/take more yoga classes/workout as often as possible/be active.
  7. Tell the truth. Honesty saves time. Life is simpler and easier when you’re truthful with yourself and others.
  8. Start a blog.
  9. Be brave, persistent and patient.
  10. Put money into savings!

I definitely haven’t crossed off all of these. I for sure haven’t mastered eating for energy, but I can definitely say I’ve either accomplished or made a conscious effort to try to accomplish all of them. If it weren’t for this list of resolutions, I know I definitely would not have started this blog, which is my proudest achievement from the list so far. I’ve kept these ten goals taped to my closet mirror since January 1st and I glance at them nearly every day just as a reminder.

With my new job starting on Monday, I’m feeling a big life change coming on, which is why I recently sat down and made a new to-do list. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Keep a positive attitude
  2. Workout daily/healthy diet/yoga/new gym?
  3. Continue to blog frequently
  4. Save up for camera & take photography class
  5. Don’t let work completely consume me. Make time for the things/people that are important to me.
  6. Start journaling again
  7. Save for a new car
  8. Make a family tree/sit down with grandparents to document family history
  9. Really enjoy my weekends by doing/trying new things, i.e. Rose Bowl Flea Market, Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screenings, daytrip to Solvang, Warner Center Concerts in the Park, Hollywood Bowl, etc.
  10. Don’t be so OCD about getting little things done. Life doesn’t always need to be perfectly organized. Be more relaxed and have fun.

As scared shitless as I am about this new job, after reading over this list it makes me get more excited about what’s ahead. It’s just a little technique I find helpful.

So what’s on your Current Life To-Do List??


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Holstee Manifesto

Apparently it has been around for awhile, but a good friend shared this with me this morning and it was the first time I had ever seen it (thanks, Gretchen!). I love it. It just made me feel good inside, so I thought I’d pass it along. I’m thinking of ordering a copy for myself to frame and hang in the dream apartment someday.


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accept respect protect


“It is our goal to inspire positive change in the way art, photography, design, words, music, film and ideas are shared on the internet. We believe that intellectual property needs to be handled with love and respect. We believe in the goodness of people. We believe in the power of the internet. We believe that Maya Angelou was absolutely right when she said ‘when you know better you do better.’

LINKwithlove is the idea that by banding together in a ‘neighbourhood watch’ type way – we, the internet, could teach and learn respect when dealing with intellectual property online. It is our dream that art, music, photography, words, design, ideas, etc – be shared in a way that is respectful, educated and kind.

By teaching and supporting the proper ways to share intellectual property – we will make a difference.” -Kal Barteski

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It’s Official…

I have a new girl crush.

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